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Updates: Payroll Premier
 Payroll Premier 2007/08 Service Pack 1

Payroll Premier 2007/08 Service Pack 1 makes various corrections in respect to pay slips, reports and payment summaries. It also allows all reports to be generated without the need to make any changes within Preferences.

Who needs to install this Service Pack?

If you use Payroll Premier 2007/08 you should install this update.

Products Affected
  • Payroll Premier 2007/08

Countries Applicable
  • Australia

Size of Download
  • 10.9 MB


For full details on the Service Pack 1 corrections, as well as expanded installation and registration instructions, download the Payroll Premier 2007/08 Service Pack 1 Release Notes.

Installation Instructions
Note: If you are using Payroll Premier 2007/08 in a multi-user environment, each installation (i.e. each computer) will require this service pack. You cannot use a data file in a multi-user environment unless all installations are updated to the same version.

Installing SP 1
  1. Install SP1 using the installation key that came with Payroll Premier.
  2. During the installation select the location where Payroll Premier is currently installed. For multi-user versions this will retain the network data path. 
  3. Once installed, open Payroll Premier 
  4. Payroll Premier opens the sample company by default. 
  5. Accept All Reminders.
  6. If the Upgrade Wizard appears, click Leave to exit from the wizard. You should not upgrade your company files as part of the Service Pack process.
  7. Open your company file by going to the File-> Open menu 
  8. Open your company file. 
  9. Check that your preferences settings, company information and reports are correct.  
Important! Payroll Premier 2007/08 SP1 and Customised Reports

Due to the correction made to the Super by Fund report, all customised reports will have to be reproduced by the Payroll Officer once this service pack is installed. If you restore a backup from the original release along with reports, the Super by Fund report will become incorrect again. Once you have finalised your new custom reports, a backup should be made as soon as possible along with the reports.

Payroll Premier 2007/08 Service Pack 1