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 Payroll Premier 2006/07 Payment Summary Update

Payroll Premier 2006/07 Payment Summary Update is a free update that corrects an issue with Payroll Premier 2006/07. You must have installed Payroll Premier 2006/07 Service Pack 1 (SP1) to install this update.

Update description

In the current version of Payroll Premier 2006/07 (with SP1), all payroll deductions, except those which have the Omit Deductions From Payment Summary check box selected in the Deduction Item screen, will appear and print on the employee's INB payment summary.

This behaviour is incorrect. Only those payroll deductions that have the Professional Organisation (Union option) selected in pays should appear and print on the INB payment summary.

This update ensures the correct deductions are displaying and printing on the INB Payment Summary, depending upon the options chosen by the user. The amounts shown in the electronic (EMPDUPE) file are correct in Payroll Premier 2006/07 and are unaffected by this change. The update will also address errors relating to some dates and rounding amounts.

Who needs to install this Update?

All Payroll Premier 2006/07 users should install this update.

NOTE : Payroll Premier Service Pack 1 must be installed before installing this update.

Products Affected
  • Payroll Premier 2006/07

Countries Applicable
  • Australia

Size of Download
  • 2.1 MB

Installation Instructions
NOTE : If you are using Payroll Premier 2006/07 in a multi-user environment, each installation, ie: each workstation; will require this update. You cannot use a data file in a multi-user environment unless all installations are updated to the same version.

Before installing the payment summary update
  • Check that you have Payroll Premier 2006/07 Service Pack 1 installed. In Payroll Premier 2006/07, go to Help > About. In the title bar of the About window the product name should show [SP1 – 061024].
  • If you do have SP1 installed, you can install the update now. If you do not have SP1 installed, download and install Payroll Premier 2006/07 SP1, following the instructions carefully.
  • Create a backup of your current company file on a storage medium other than your main hard drive.

Installing Payroll Premier 2006/07 payment summary update
  1. Download Payroll_Premier_2006-07_Update.exe and save it to your hard drive.
  2. Double-click the Payroll_Premier_2006-07_Update.exe file.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.

How do I know if the update is installed?

This update for Payroll Premier 2006/07 does not change the version number in Help > About. To check if you already have this update installed:
  1. In Windows Explorer, go to the Reports folder in your Payroll Premier installation directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\QPRollV15\Reports.
  2. Locate rinb.exe.
  3. Right-click rinb.exe and choose Properties.
  4. Check the last modified date. If this date is 30/6/2007 then you already have the update installed. Dates prior to this mean that the file is not the correct version and you need to install the update. Also, when the update is installed a file called rinb.exe.old will be automatically created and stored in the Reports folder.

Payroll Premier 2006/07 Payment Summary Update