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Retail Point of Sale 2007/08
Retail Point of Sale - For use with QuickBooks

Features & Benefits

Why should I integrate my EFTPOS terminal?
Making a purchase with your debit or credit card is by far, one of the most popular forms of payment in retail these days and so most retailers have an EFTPOS terminal in their store, to process these transactions.

The down side for a retailer is having to reconcile their cash register or Retail POS figures with the EFTPOS figures for the day. Having to enter a sale amount twice, once in Retail POS and again on their EFTPOS terminal, leaves a lot of room for double entry errors. Integrating your EFTPOS terminal with Retail POS reduces the room for error and therefore the pain of reconciling two figures every day.

Integrated EFTPOS simply means connecting your terminal with one cable to your Retail POS PC, setting up a few options and you are away. Whenever an amount is entered in Retail POS that is to paid for by debit or credit card, Retail POS will automatically send the sale amount to the EFTPOS terminal. All the operator needs to do is follow the prompts to swipe the customers card and if required enter a pin number. When the transaction is approved Retail POS will complete the transaction.

It is not often that there is ever enough space on a retailer's counter; another advantage with some integrated EFTPOS terminals*, is that they allow you to store away the EFTPOS printer, as the receipt will now be printed as one on the receipt printed from Retail POS.

*Keycorp K71i Keypad (V3.22) for Com2000 or Quest Swift for WBC, ANZ, NAB or Bank West (and ETSL for NZ bank system) and Ingenico/PC-EFTPOS for NAB, CBA, ANZ, WPC, STG and Bank West .

Banks supported

Each bank has their own hardware and software for EFTPOS; the following terminals are supported in Retail POS.

Ingenico/PC-EFTPOS for NAB, CBA, ANZ, WPC, STG and Bank West. For more information on these terminals please call PC-EFTPOS Customer Service on (02)9998 9800.

Westpac Ingenico NPT 700 Series (V3.21) for Westpac EFTPoS Extra. Contact your local bank to find out how to obtain your EFTPOS terminal.
Download the installation instructions.

Commonwealth Bank
Download the installation instructions. Keycorp K71i Keypad (V3.22) for Com2000. Contact your local bank to find out how to obtain your EFTPOS terminal.

WBC, ANZ, NAB, CBA, STG, Bank SA and Bank West (and ETSL for NZ bank system) Quest EFTPOS Plus32 – To install a Quest EFTPOS terminal please call (03) 8807 4400.

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